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Winch Log Skidders - Firewood Processing Equipment

Winch Log Skidder - Firewood processing equipment from Log Pro USALog Pro's line of winch log skidders are the ultimate machine for retrieving logs from those hard to reach places. See that perfect log on a steep hill or deep in a ravine but can't access it? With Log Pro's winch skidder, now you can. Whether it's thick woods or a swampy bog, if you can walk to it, the winch skidder can get it out.

Let's face it, if you burn or process firewood, you've got to get trees or logs OUT of the forest. Log Pro's skidder winches are designed for retrieving logs quickly and efficiently with minimal effort.

Log Pro's unique frame design, top rollers and hydraulic planetary winch make it the BEST tractor or skid steer mount winch skidder available. With three different models, multiple mount configurations and operator options, Log Pro has the right winch skidder to meet your needs!

Standard Winch Skidder Features

  • Heavy duty welded tube construction
  • Hardened chisel teeth for anchoring
  • Reinforced blade
  • Power in, power out and free spool
  • Top quality planetary gear winch
  • Automatic internal disc brake
Model # WS 6 WS 9 WS 12
Line Pull 6,000 lbs 9,000 lbs 12,000 lbs
Cable Size 5/16" 3/8" 7/16"
Price $2,695 $2,995 $3,495
Line speed speeds vary by layers on drum an hydraulic flow and pressure from tractor or skid steer.

Optional Log Skidding Equipment

  • Cat I or Cat II tractor mount N/C
  • Universal skid steer mount $275
  • Hydraulic control valve on unit $225
  • Wireless remote control $625

In addition to our standard production models Log Pro can also custom build a winch skid unit to your specifications. All Log Pro equipment and components* are designed, manufactured and assembled in the U.S.A.

* denotes exception for engines.

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